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For Sell : PDA & Portable Computers : Toshiba Libretto L3

i_icon Very sought after, rare, small (less than 11"x6.6"1.2"), light (1.1Kg) "small note" notebook and most of all long operating hours (around 4 hours).

i_icon Brief History : In the beginning of the new Millenium, Toshiba launch Libretto L series, which only available in Japan, to compete with Fujitsu's P series and Sony's VAIO which run on "small note" platform, a breed of notebook with the debut Transmeta's Crusoe CPU. But it seems that Toshiba has advantage because it has already launch many of "small note" platform Libretto lines for quite sometimes since the very first Libretto, Libretto 50 with Intel's Pentium 166-MMX mobile version (check Toshiba site for history). Here I got Libretto L3 model for sales, it was used for 7 months, no FDD, CD-ROM or any of external drives include. I've RAM extended to 384 MB, all other spec are as below.
i_icon Here's how the skeely look of it. If you have any question or are interesting Email me, the price is at 45,000 Baht.

Toshiba Libretto L3 Specification:
Model Name / Spec i_iconToshiba Libretto L3
Part Number PAL3060TN2L
CPU Transmeta Crusoe TM5600 600MHz
Cache memory L1 128KB, L2 512KB
BIOS ROM 512KB (flash ROM) and ACPI 1.0b
Chipset ALi M1535B
Memory* (Std)
1 memory slot avai.
SDRAM (128) 384 MB
Internal display Low-temperature poly silicone [with a 10" FL sidelight] wide TFT liquid crystal 1,280x600 dots: 16,770,000 colors
External display A maximum of 1,600x1,200 dots: 65,536 colors
Graphics Accelerator, Video RAM S3 Savage IX, 8MB
Keyboard (Japanese keyboard) 84 keys (OADG109A key type conformity), key pitch:18mm, a keystroke: 2mm
Pointing device ACUpoint II (with a scroll button)
Hard disk, Default S/W occupancy 20GB (Ultra ATA), 3.7 GB
Modem* Lucent AMR V.90 56Kbps, 58 countries, FAX 14.4Kbps
LAN 100 Base-TX / 10 Base-T (automatic negotiation)
Sound AC97 conformity AC-Link connection sound system (16-bit stereo), A microphone, speaker built-in
PC card slot (PCMCIA) TYPE IIx1 slot (PC Card Standard conformity, CardBus correspondence)
Interface mini RGBx1, USBx2, Microphone input, Headphone output, modem (RJ11), LAN (RJ45)x1
Li-Ion Battery Usage time: Std. 3.5 - 4.2 hours, Ext. 11 - 12.6 hours (with power-saving control)
JEITA measuring method 1.0: Std. 3.1 hours, Ext. 9.3 hours
Charge time: Std. 3 hours, Ext.4.5 hours (PWR Off), Std. 3 hours, Ext. 5.5 hours (PWR On)
AC Adaptor AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Max) About 30W, S classification 0.00200
Environmental conditions Temperature of 5-35 degrees C, 20 - 80% (however, don't dew) of humidity
Approx. 268mm(width) x167.2mm(depth)x29.3mm (height)
Weight About 1.1kg (with Std. battery)
Default OS Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 2

small i_iconRemarks:
Memory : About 16MB is used by the system (CPU) to emulate x86 instruction.
Modem : Linux doesn't (and will not) supported.

i_iconPictures will tell how it looks.
Toshiba Libretto
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Toshiba Libretto

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