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I maybe a lame Linux user, I don't know how to write anything on it, and I'm admire who does write many thing for me to use, it's like community service, he just gave and I just took it. I'm finding ways to giving back. And I thinking that I should being much helpful as I could. I should give the support I was gave to. And I prefer to be lame user of a good OS, than being a excellent user using a lame OS.

In the first case, you can be better thru time only your ability is withholding, but for the second case, you just waste your time on other people mistake.
No more endurance of blue screen effect/syndrome, application not responding, now we have alternatives.

What and why you choose your OS, it's reflect your philosophy and personality. I'm not ironic, do you think a conservative guy will get up and read Linux FAQ, howto and news group, download it and install, gimme a break, you know that it's never happen, maybe because Linux is too adventurous for them. I had once read an article that one top-ranking employee of big company whom knows that Linux is good, he use it at home, but didn't try to use it in workplace and his company because, he want somebody to blame on incase something went wrong, the commercial software get the money and should have accept the blame, it's become the rules of the commercial software game, which just got paid for blaming not for producing good piece of work.

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