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PDA & Portable Computers : Fujitsu FMV-Biblo Loox Series

   In the "small note" platform market, with Fujitsu's P series and FMV-Biblo Loox, Toshiba Libretto L series which only available in Japan and Sony's VAIO which run on the debut Transmeta's Crusoe CPU. Fujitsu first launch the P series (model name may different in countries) as their first of this kind. The Biblo-Loox divided in to 2 main types;

  • S models: smaller and lighter with 8.8" screen.
  • T models: have built-in DVD-ROM drive, IEEE1394,TV-out and 10" screen.
And the ending "W" in the model number mean it equiped with wireless LAN (H"IN). Here I got some models of FMV-Biblo Loox series comparing side-by-side, I made this because I was confused about their differences (of which I marked by bold characters).

  • Fujitsu Biblo LOOX series

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