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    Leica started the interchangable RF market around 1925 with Leica I and end the series with the debut (and nowadays expensive) Leica IIIg, then started new series M which live till today (2002) is M7.
    Voigtlander which is very old camera maker then release Prominent to face tough competitions in then growing RF market, it was pushed to release 3 versions of Prominent I and some amount of Prominent II (around 6,000) before closing down the Prominent family in 1958.
    Zeiss which later bought Voigtlander and Rollie then became largest Germany camera producer, developed the contax RF family and ended it, after the reincration of Zeiss by Kyocera Contax G series (AF RF) was release in mid 1990s with G1 and G2 and their own speacial lens (same Voigtlander mistake? no! because they have Yashica/Contax mount adaptor to G mount). So, the Contax G series can be used with existing Yashica/Contax lenses.
The advantages of RF are :
  • More quiet operation, because RF don't have reflex mirror, so there's no impact sound.
  • Smaller size, because RF don't have reflex mirror.
The disadvantages of RF are :
  • Paralax correction is difficult.
  • Not many lens can be used without any other accessories, esp, zoom lens and long tele lens.
Type / Brand Voigtlander family Zeiss family
Interchangable lens Voigtlander Prominent family
Zeiss Contax family
Folding camera Voigtlander Vito family
Fixed lens Voigtlander Vito family

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