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How to select folding camera? : Why folding camera?

    1. Bellow must be light-tight, free of holes and wearouts.
    2. The lid must be closed perfectly and can extended fully, because if it doesn't, it means that there's something wrong with the bellow or lid machanic, maybe it was open for repair incorrectly or it was dropped.
    3. Shutter must cock and release perfectly
    4. Shutter speed must be accurate, slow speeds (1 sec and up to around 1/25 sec) usually stick in some long time unused camera.
    5. Lens must clean and clear from marks and fog (some dust is ok for the age but not too much)
    6. Every diaphragm's blades can be fully opened and closed in round shape
    7. Focusing ring must be smooth, some unused or damaged camera often have stuck focusing.
    8. If it has rangefinder, make sure it was aligned correctly, bright, clean and clear.
    9. Film winding machism must be operate correctly, some models have double-exposure prevention system, so the film must be winded before the shutter can be fired. (it maybe a indicator mark or the red mark in the viewfinder).


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