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  Gotcha!, I was convinced by myself and my friends that my site and its navigation is simple enough that I don't need a site map. But, however, I can't resist to make this page and dream that it's the perfect site (coz it has site map, duh!)
  Ok, ok, I'll brief you what it's about, my site is simply divided in to 4 main sections :
1.Etc   2.Recreation   3.Techie   4.Personal
Each sub sections have links to related topics on other sections too. (Oh! Hyperlink concept radical of web!) Take sometimes with it, and you will know where to click.
1. Etc Section : What's concerning the site itself.
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Lite (PDA) Version : Lighter (less image) version for fast browsing or browsing on your PDA.

Thai / English version : Language selector

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Recreation2.Recreation : This Section Concern hobbies and things that I like to do. Techie stuffs3.Techie : If you love high-tech toys its the section for you. Personal Stuff4.Personal : This is private section for the one who really know me, if you don't know what in this section, so it's not for you.
Food, Drink, & anything and consumableFood : Eat to live or live to eat? The section for who love to eat or cook. LinuxLinux Page : Linux (for who don't know it's free Operation System (OS)and some topics concerning it. CUD My CUD Info Page
  • Photography : If you have passion about taking picture.
  • PDAPDA : PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) The digital toy to keep you off pile of little papers and it can do more. (Now concerning only Handspring Visor and Palm Pilot)
  • Travel : If you can't stay only on one place, or you like to see what's in Thailand.
  • Recreation Hilite : Techie Hilite : Personal Hilite :

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