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Where you can find unique leisure information in Thailand

 Traveling information in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Fast fact
Geography : Area of 514,000 Sq.Km. located in South East Asia
Population : 60 Million (est. in 2000)
Climate : Humid tropics divide into 3 seasons:
   1. Cool : November-February
   2. Hot : March-May
   3. Rainy : June-October
Language : Thai with 3-4 dialect variations (depend mostly on geographical).
Religion : Mostly Buddhism, Muslim, Christian and etc.
Ruling system : Constitutional monarchy with democracy divided into 76 provinces
Capital : Bangkok
Currency : Thai Baht
International telephone prefix : +66
ISO country code: TH
Internet top level domain (TLD): .th
EAN Country code: 855

Provincial Guides (by geographical parts)
Central Thailand
Ayudthaya : Historical city of ancient capital, lots of ruin temples and palaces.
Bangkok : The Capital.
Petchaboon : Where lies Khao Kor mountain.
Eastern Thailand
Chonburi : World famous Pattaya beaches and more (not just bars).
Northern Thailand
Chiang Mai : The most popular northern destination.
Pha Yao : The small ancient city with big lake.
Lampang : Ancient city with stunning beautiful temples.
Lampoon : Another small ancient city with beautiful temple and good food.
Northeastern Thailand
Konkean : City of local musical instrument "Can" and Dinosaur.
Loei : The home of fasinating mountains, and coldest spot in Thailand.
Southern Thailand
Chumporn : First gateway to south Eastern islands (Tao, Pa-Ngun, Samui).
Krabi : Rock climbing gecko? on debut Ao-Nang cliff, if not what about kayaking in crystal clear water, or beauty mangroove? Not enough?, what about Phi Phi island, Maya beach, Nail island, Viking cave, scuba favorite places?
Pang Nga : First step to Andaman sea islands, At least top 2 famous islands (Surin and Similan) in Thailand are here.
Prachuab kerekan : Peaceful beaches of Hua hin and Cha-Am, just 3 hours from Bangkok.
Petchburi : Kang kra jan dam, example of the rich rain forest near the sea, just almost 3 hours from Bangkok.
Phuket : Pearl of Adaman sea, Favorite Southwestern destination and gateway to many splendid islands.
Satun : Far south destination and gateway to Tarutao National Park.
Song Kla : Trading center of southern Thailand.
Surat Thanee : Where Samui island, Tao island and debut full moon party on Pa-Ngun island are.
Trang : Far Southwest destination where lie some fantasic islands.
Western Thailand
Kanchanaburi : Western border of Thailand, Kwae River Bridge, WWII Cemtery.


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