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    Chiangdao mountain
Fast Fact : Chiangdao peak is the third highest mountain in Thailand (the highest is Intanon mountain, but it's the highest limestone mountain). my GPS said it's 2,160m, but officially it's 2,225m, (mine maybe wrong or the world maybe shrinking, whatever, it's high). located about 60 kms from Chiangmai town en route "Fang" district. The entrance permit is required, contact forestry department in advance.

Acitities, things to do : Of course, hiking, lots of it that you have to do and if you like wild orchids and some rare plants you can find some here (as shown in the pictures below).

What to bring : All necessities of life, water, food, clothing, shelter and medicine, because there's nothing up there, no shop no hut, just the mountain so, don't bring heavy stuffs, the necessities only. And lastly, health, if you got the mishap (like me, I went in November, but it still rain) you'll need a lot of luck and very strong physical (I'm not, so Im hardly survive). It's very cold in winter (the only season you should go), so pack warm clothes. If you like photography, bring your camera too, who love flowers macro photography will love it here.

Routes and itinaries : Reaching Chiangdao top can be done via 3 routes
  • Den ya kad : The easiest way to get there, just hire the truck for around 1,000 Baht to lift you there. you'll take 1-2 hours ride and you'll be at 1380m just 2-4 hours hike, you'll be at the first campsite, "Dong Tor" at 1610m. The second campsite is "Ang sa lung" in the hill of Chiangdao peak at 1970m. from here to the peak is around 30-60 mins hike.
  • Ban Tum : Come this way if you are very strong, like the hard way challenge or wanna suicide, the route is very steep, even for the downward route, some take 3 hours some take 9 hours on downward on this route, "You have been warned".
  • TBA

DOs and DON'Ts :
  • Do Exercise and be in good shape before going there. Bring lots of water. Bring warm, lightweight and easy to dry clothes.
  • Don't get lost. Don't bring anything back except yourself and your garbage. Don't slip (when it rains, if you can do it, please tell me how).


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